Inspiring a Lifelong Journey of
Self-discovery and Transformation

Inspiring a Lifelong Journey of Self-discovery and Transformation

Our Belief

We deliver highly personalised, result oriented solutions by leveraging FDA-approved and advanced innovation in skincare technologies and medical expertise to address our clients’ beauty and aesthetic needs, in a safe and comforting setting, with no pain and minimal down time.

Under the leadership of Founder and Medical Director, Dr Tan Hui Suan, we are committed to the highest standards in aesthetic medicine and offer a comprehensive range of premium, clinically proven aesthetic treatments and medical grade facials which feature innovative breakthrough active ingredients that are safe and effective.

Leading Future Authority of Medical Aesthetics and Skincare Science


While in private practice for seven years, Dr Tan had salvaged the skins of many clients who suffered from skin irritation, dryness, allergy and infection as a result of using products which were unsuitable or too harsh for their skins. These clients were either not properly advised or presented with insufficient facts from their aesthetics doctors or beauticians, to make a well-informed decision. There were others who vacillated from one aesthetic doctor or beautician to another, only to become more confused from a gamut of conflicting advice. Through such a trial and error process, these clients can only hope to find the right doctor to reverse all the damages.


Dr Tan herself, had endured a period of anguish from using the wrong skincare products and could relate to the feelings of distress, self-doubt and low self-esteem suffered by her clients. It is this burning desire to genuinely help her clients that propelled Dr Tan to set up Dermstetiq Clinic, with her own clinical skincare brand “Mei”, specially curated to suit the type and texture of Asian skin in mind. 

Inspiring a Lifelong Journey of
Self-discovery and Transformation


We recognise the importance of educating and imparting knowledge to our clients so that they are inspiredempowered to make a well-informed decision and realise their full potential.

For first-time clients, Dr Tan would conduct a thorough analysis and detailed medical assessment so that they receive the appropriate medical advice, and can achieve the best results, with minimal down time. As each individual is uniquely different and demands different requirements for their skin needs, Dr Tan would devise a customised programme and tailor treatments according to the patient’s age, needs, skin conditions and lifestyle. 

Safety, accountability and results reside in the heart of Dermstetiq Clinic’s protocols. We aspire to provide optimal skin care to bring out the best of our clients, in their most natural self, giving them the outer confidence and beautiful skin they desire.

Putting the Needs of Our Clients First


We cater to discerning, well-heeled clients who desire safe, non-surgical aesthetic care that is scientifically proven.