Say goodbye to Exploring the best acne scar treatment options

Say goodbye to Exploring the best acne scar treatment options

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Whether you’ve gotten over your acne phase or you’re still dealing with a zit here and there, acne scarring can be a blow to your self-confidence. Acne scars come in many forms and some of them are more challenging to treat than others, one thing that remains true for all acne scars. However, is the fact that at-home methods probably won’t be effective in reducing the appearance of scarring. 

That’s why, at Dermstetiq Clinic, we offer several best acne scar treatment customised to your exact skin needs so you can feel happier about your appearance.


What Is the Best Acne Scar Treatment?

It’s tough to say which acne scar treatment is the best, simply for the fact that everyone has different skin needs. Some people may respond to laser treatments better than others, or the type of scarring they have can only be treated by a specific skin therapy. That said, there are many popular treatments available for you to choose from.

The type and severity of your acne scarring will also inform your skin expert about the type of treatment that is most appropriate. Some of the most popular options include:

Prescription Creams

For certain types of scars, many skin experts like to start with a conservative approach. Whether you want to treat active acne or not, it’s probable a first option for you will be a prescription cream or ointment to address post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Lightening or brightening prescriptions work by encouraging more regular cellular turnover and lightening darker patches of skin so your skin tone will be even.

Prescriptions that lighten the tone of the skin are only suitable for the ones who’ve positive complexions. This treatment will not treat shallow or textured scarring, but it will improve the tone of your skin over time. 

Laser and Light Treatments

By far the most popular treatments to address acne scarring are laser and light treatments. At the same time as mild treatments are precise alternatives for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, laser treatment are designed to resurface the skin to effectively erase acne scars. Laser treatments for acne scarring can include PICO lasers, IPL lasers, and CO2 lasers.

The laser that is selected for your treatment will be determined by your skin type and the severity of your scarring. Each light and laser treatments paintings by way of increasing the amount of collagen and elastin within the skin to smooth the advent of scars.

Aesthetic Treatments

Several aesthetic treatments may be explored to treat minor or shallow scars, in addition to pigmented scars. Facials, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and microneedling are all good non-energy treatments that may be used by people who have sensitive skin or skin that is not qualified for laser treatments. Some treatments can even help control acne breakouts.

Dermal Fillers

Finally, dermal fillers may be recommended for the treatment of very deep scars that haven’t responded to laser treatments or that need help to create collagen in a very localised area. Icepick acne scars are the most not unusual scar, this is handled with dermal fillers, in particular on regions together with the cheeks and the chin. Dermal fillers can essentially act as an artificial fill-in for gaps in the skin left by scarring, but the results will generally be temporary.

Can You Treat Scarring Even With Active Acne?

Sometimes you can start to treat acne scarring even if you still have active acne. However, the severity of your breakouts may determine which acne scar treatment you can safely use. Some treatments, such as prescription creams, can be combined with certain non-energy treatments (like chemical peels) to both manage acne and reduce the appearance of certain scarring.

But, many laser treatment can’t be used to treat active acne, so you will possibly be encouraged an acne treatment plan before you may begin on any scarring treatments for your acne. When your skin is free of breakouts, you will have more scarring treatments to choose from.

What Should You Expect From Treatment?

During your consultation, a specific acne scar treatment or treatment plan will be recommended to address your scarring type and severity. Usually, treatments for acne scarring will take 30 to 60 minutes to complete based on the specific treatment being used. Laser treatments may additionally take longer depending on the system being used. You will likely need several consecutive treatments, usually spaced a month apart, to achieve optimal results. 

Should You Prepare for Treatment?

Regardless of the treatment you’re using, you may want to prepare your skin for treatment. Most acne scar treatments will prime the skin for photosensitivity, which means you will need to be careful to avoid circumstances that could create hyperpigmentation. To put it simply, approximately 1 to 2 weeks before any treatment, you need to avoid daylight and other skin-darkening sports (like self-tanners) which could trigger melanin manufacturing.

When Will You See Results?

Most of the time, it will take several weeks or months to see results from your treatments. Rebuilding collagen and elastin in the skin is a process that can take two to four weeks, or sometimes longer for mature people who have less collagen in their skin. For topical treatments, it may take four to eight weeks to see any significant results, and even aesthetic treatments will require multiple appointments to produce final results.

How Can You Maintain Results?

There are many ways you can maintain your results, such as sticking to an acne treatment that will prevent future breakouts that cause scarring. You can also maintain your results with annual appointments, particularly for laser treatments. By using retaining the collagen manufacturing for your skin excessive, you can keep acne scars smooth for the foreseeable future.

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